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Unusual use of sea containers

Is it possible to breathe second life into slightly worn-out shipping containers? Absolutely! Globally, it is estimated that more than 14 million discarded containers have already accumulated… This number is growing every day, which is why it is so important from an environmental point of view to reintroduce containers that have been bitten by the tooth of time into circulation.

Here are some interesting solutions for reusing shipping containers.


One of the most popular trends, which has developed strongly over the last few years, is the construction of residential or commercial buildings using containers. With little effort you can create an original design for a catering outlet, pub or office. Shipping containers are the perfect alternative to a holiday home, all it takes is a little imagination. The advantage of containers, apart from low costs of arrangement, is their mobility – they can be transported to another place at any time.


Marine containers are perfect for storing various types of technical equipment, such as generators or electrical cabinets. With this arrangement, the container is specially adapted to the needs of the unit. The interior is acoustically and thermally insulated, the container walls are specially adapted by installing, among other things, an air outlet. Doors are also fitted in the container to allow quick access to equipment that requires periodic maintenance and service.


A shipping container as a sauna? Why not! Appropriate adaptation of the interior will allow you to enjoy the charms of the sauna, while maintaining low costs and a relatively small amount of work, which includes, among others: modification of the structure of the container, insulation of the floor, walls, gates and roof, installation of electrical system, or installation of interior woodwork.

Swimming pools

The robust construction of the container is ideal for a pool setting. A swimming pool in a container is functional – you can place it anywhere you like or bury it partially in the ground. An undoubted advantage here is the simplicity of installation. This type of pool doesn’t require time-consuming and costly installation work. Its mobility is also an advantage – a pool from a container can be moved to any location.

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